Electrical assisted Rover 10 Steering box.

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Electrical assisted Rover 10 Steering box.

Post by luli » Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:58 am

I drove my 1946 Rover 10 for the last 51 years. Not only traffic conditions have changed during these years - me too. Now parking the car in a limited space is a challenge. Is an electric assisted steering box the solution? See an answer here: https://wp.me/pXLKy-4iD
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Re: Electrical assisted Rover 10 Steering box.

Post by Tim Moore » Sun Nov 24, 2019 1:01 pm

Yes Luli, have felt this way for many years myself, but.....as rather a dinosaur it’s something I wouldn’t want to incorporate now, even though it makes sense, fortunately as long as I don’t leave the Scottish Highalnds “congestion” where it exists is manageable.

We also have an MGCGT (for many years) in which I have retained the original 16.5in steering wheel since less so perhaps than our 16 hpP2, it is still very heavy to drive in congested traffic and small places. Electric steering and hydraulic PAS systems are readily available but I have resisted...

I suspect an electric system IS possible on P2’s/P3’s once a guinea pig shaft is irretrievably cut and opened up but it would. Either have to be mounted down near your feet in an already small footwell or in the case of most P2’s near the heat of the exhaust manifold......
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