Rover service newsletters or bulletins

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Rover service newsletters or bulletins

Post by Dkenner » Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:24 pm

Are there any sources of PDFs of Rover car service newsletters from the Forties? I have PDFs of a number from 1949 through the Fifties, but they are primarily for Land-Rover. Given that Rover mixed service bulletins for the two until the Sixties, it would be interesting to see the Rover car side for completeness. Otherwise, it will be watching eBay and other sites to acquire the paper versions to digitise as reference.

I do note that it appears after the War, Rover reset the technical publications process and started with TP/100. It also appears that the reset the Publications numbers at 4000, and the Service Newsletter number at 5000 (publications prior to about 1947 usually lack any reference number, though some had some odd numbers between 1914 and 1939)

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Dixon Kenner
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Re: Rover service newsletters or bulletins

Post by RobHomewood » Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:29 am

My motley little collection of P2 bulletins etc mostly from late 40's I think, includes an A465 dated 1946 and A466 also labelled as S-5661-64. A few other service bulletins similarly numbered ranging from S-4480 to S-9438. Also one numbered 4611 (dated 1946) but also B9763-66a. Or another numbered 268 and also S-6794-97.
They are not all scanned in but I am happy to send you the little list if you want to send me your email. Hope it helps
Rob Homewood

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