Rover 75 keys

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Rover 75 keys

Post by achandler » Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:20 am

I have been approached by a fellow NZ Rover Car Club member in Auckland who is trying to find out where he can get a spare key for his 75. His car was imported second-hand from Japan and only came with one key. Although it works perfectly he is concerned that should it break or get lost, his car would then be useless.
He is wondering whether he can get a blank key and have it cut to the same pattern as his existing key, so that it unlocks the car, and starts the engine. I have a nasty feeling that he would need to get a proper key complete with transponder, and have it programmed correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions?
There is very little of the old MG-Rover dealer network remaining in this country now, the last real dealership closed about 2 years ago, and they now sell Chinese cars, so trying to find the relevant expertise, computer programmes etc is getting harder and harder.
Many thanks

Neal P2
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Re: Rover 75 keys

Post by Neal P2 » Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:35 pm

Hi Adrian,

There is quite a bit of info on this on the Rover 75 / MG ZT club website - I don't understand half the technical lingo but I have copied a bit below - It seems there are three elements needed to get a fully working spare key.
1. the blade needs to be cut to match the locks.
2. the remote electronics need to be programmed to your car which needs a t4 session.
3. A new transponder chip within the key, needs to be programmed to one of the spare rolling codes on the immobiliser unit (ews).

There are one or two companies that can read the ews and programme a new transponder chip, but they need your ews ecu to do it. This is behind the glovebox and is held by security bolts.
The cost of sending your ews off and having a transponder progammed is about £70. Then you have to buy your key, have the blade cut, pay for a t4 session.
They suggest doing all of this can save a few pounds, but not many compared to getting a new key from bmw in germany.

I hope this helps - but check the website as there is much more info on their forum


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Re: Rover 75 keys

Post by p2roverman » Sun Dec 14, 2014 7:22 pm

I recommend the 75 and ZT owners club for info and help. Certainly I was able to get a local member to supply a key with the transponder fitted and programmed to my car and with the two lock operating buttons tied into the car's security system while I waited; it took several hours. A local cobbler then cut the key blade copying from my one key.
While there are members in the UK who have these facilities, and the T4 diagnostics as well, whether there is someone in NZ with the same equipment I don't know. The fact that the car has to be taken to the facilities may maake in non-viable when there is a large distance to travel, such that getting a key directly from BMW at $300 might be the simplest solution in these circumstances.

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Re: Rover 75 keys

Post by GOY189 » Sun Dec 14, 2014 7:45 pm

Are there any Landrover dealers with a T4 and the Rover 75 CD who could help?



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