P6B Tyres

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P6B Tyres

Post by achandler » Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:44 am

As most owners will know getting new tyres for the P6B is getting increasingly difficult as 185R14 tyres are only made by a few concerns and most are very old technology. Here in New Zealand we have even less choice than the UK. If we want Vredenstein or another "classic" tyre then the costs are truly scary as they have to be imported from the UK and with everyones mark-up frequently cost in the region of £250 each.
I have been faced with this problem and have found only one make is available now, in New Zealand, and those are NANKANG CX668 185/80R14. They are not light van or commercial tyres but specifically for passenger vehicles. They are modestly priced and are advertised as "summer" tyres, which is not really a problem as I do not intend to go to the ski fields in my P6B.
Has anyone any experience of these tyres, in the UK or Worldwide?

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Re: P6B Tyres

Post by 1938 P2 14 » Thu May 21, 2015 7:30 pm

Hi Nankang are sold in the UK as a budget tyre most made in China not a good tyre for an every day driver but safe enough for sensible driving.

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Re: P6B Tyres

Post by markgray » Wed May 27, 2015 12:18 pm

We have Nankang on two of our P6's in the UK and they seem alright. They grip when they should grip and they appear to be lasting reasonably well.
They have also been used with snow on the road and grip is not a problem.
Both cars have been driven at the maximum legal speed limit on both motorways and urban roads without any tyre issues.
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