1936 - Opening front windscreen - aluminium base

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1936 - Opening front windscreen - aluminium base

Post by Frost015 » Sun Nov 08, 2020 10:55 am

Time to get the windscreen back in .. however a couple of questions on the aluminium section that screws first onto the car ..

https://www.rover-forum.thersr.co.uk/do ... iew&id=206

1. I plan to bed this down into soft bitumen sealing compound .. good idea or not ?
2. It came out as bare aluminium ... although this could have been stripped by previous owner. Before installing I plan to etch coat and then spray in a neutral silver colour. Is this correct ?. Or should I leave unpainted, or go body colour ?

https://www.rover-forum.thersr.co.uk/do ... iew&id=205

Thanks for any responses ..

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1936 Rover 12 Saloon

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