12 Tourer on TV

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12 Tourer on TV

Post by TonyG » Wed Sep 02, 2020 2:40 pm

What a pleasant surprise it was when I tuned in last night to the series remake of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ to find that Siegfried Farnham’s Rover is now a pre war 12 Tourer. In the old series he always drove Rovers but it is impressive that the series makers have seen to give him a sporting soft top and one of the correct vintage.

The car, registration HS 8245, is a superb BRG model that I recall from pictures on the internet while I was rebuilding my own Tourer a few years back. Looking at those photographs and of other restored examples was a great inspiration to me as I struggled to make sense of the boxes of bits and rusted parts that eventually turned back into my car.

Clearly I am completely biased in my opinion, but I think the pre war Tourer was one of the most attractive models that Rover made and have always felt it a shame that Rover isn’t really acknowledged for the many stunning looking cars it made. Maybe with the exposure of a prime time TV programme, more people will look at the marque in the positive light that we all do and it clearly deserves.

Now we must hope to see HS 8245 playing an active part and not simply an ornament parked rakishly outside the veterinary practice, as it was in the first episode.

Tony Gilbert

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